When an employee falls victim to a data breach, their lives are turned upside down as they invest considerable time, money, and emotion to reclaim their identity.

Identity theft costs employees an average of 140 work hours—140 work hours navigating a barrage of phone calls, paperwork, and follow-up without assurance that they will succeed at resolving the issue.

140 work hours better spent…working.

VerifID designed its resolution service to provide employees with the resources, support, and confidence to conduct their personal and professional lives unabated by their identity theft. This is a boon to the emotional and financial health of both the employee and employer.

Phase 1: Triage

When a member discovers they are a victim of identity theft, our recovery advocates conduct a thorough assessment of the situation and advise the member on precautionary steps to stave off additional damage. If identity theft is confirmed, we will deploy the following services:

  • Instruction on accessing free credit reports
  • Consultation on how to set fraud alerts and credit freezes
  • Analysis of credit reports and financial statements
  • Review and analysis of credit files
  • Instruction on how to reduce future identity theft, including the following subjects:
    • Pre-approved credit/insurance mail offers
    • Online identity maintenance and social media use
    • Travel precautions
    • Additional tactics

Phase 2: Recovery

Following the triage process, the member is assigned a personal Fraud Recovery Expert, who directs them through all phases of reclaiming their identity. This customized process includes:

  • 24/7 direct access to a personal ICFE-certified Fraud Recovery Expert
  • No time limit on the resolution of the case, meaning we will not stop until the member’s identity is fully restored
  • A customized Damage Assessment Plan of the member’s identity theft
  • The Fraud Recovery Expert handles all post-breach work on the member’s behalf through a limited power of attorney (LPOA)
  • Disputing and resolving bills and collections resulting from fraudulent activity
  • Consultation on how to file an identity theft police report