Intimidating. Costly. Time-consuming. When identity theft strikes, victims are often overwhelmed by the fallout, as they pour valuable time and resources into reclaiming their identity. VerifID and its team of certified Fraud Recovery Experts have guided thousands of individuals through this process with an unparalleled professionalism and expertise. Meanwhile, organizations work with VerifID to ensure that employees have the resources and report to remain productive during this uncertain time.

Here are the stories of our success:

My call to VerifID was handled promptly and they were extremely courteous. All my questions and concerns were taken care of. I would recommend this service to everyone.

Anne A.

One call to VerifID and in less than 60 minutes I was speaking with a fraud expert who walked me through my options and placed an “alert” with the various credit reporting companies. The follow up has been tremendous and I would recommend VerifID to everyone.

Frank O.

My wife and I were recently the victims of identity theft. It was an especially difficult situation because it was at the hands of a family member. The stress of knowing that someone was actively destroying our credit was crippling. The worst part being we felt helpless and overwhelmed as to how to even begin to fix the problem.

We were tipped off one evening when a financial institution called my wife to confirm that she had applied for a credit card through them. After telling them that she had not, we quickly pulled a free credit report online to discover that both mine and her credit reports were filled with numerous credit inquiries that occurred within the past week along with a few open lines of credit. We immediately began calling the “800” numbers listed for each financial institution to cancel applications and attempt to close accounts. After we spent the entire evening each on the phone jumping from department to department we realized we were hardly getting anywhere. Applications were cancelled and disputes were made, but we hadn’t even begun the tedious process of getting our good credit back which involves copies of police reports, physical letters, and weeks of back and forth with the credit companies.

At work the next day I looked into VerifID, which was a benefit provided by my employer. After calling a fresh batch of financial institutions that appeared on my credit report I was ready for some help. VerifID linked me with my personal recovery advocate, Nikki, who immediately got to work on my wife and I’s behalf. She disputed every inquiry, removed every fraudulent line of credit, worked directly with the detective on the case, and kept us informed along the way. The process took a couple months but the moment she was assigned I could quit worrying. Nikki saved us countless hours of work and sent us a great case recap once everything was clear. I’m very thankful for the service and am glad to know I have help if it ever happens again.

Matt M.

I was one of those people that believed identity theft could never happen to me. Then a detective from Southern California called to tell me he had arrested a long term drug user that had my ID and was illegally trying to take out a second mortgage on my home. I thought this was a practical joke but after a fax from the detective I realized it was actually happening. I tried unsuccessfully several times to contact the mortgage company. VerifID helped me place a fraud alert on my credit account and contacted the mortgage company while I continued to go on with my daily routine. VerifID reassured me that anything on my credit report would be challenged or removed if it wasn’t my doing. Thanks to VerifID’s caring and professional experts, this matter has been closed.

Catherine N.

I felt VerifID was very helpful. I will use them in the future if something else comes up.

Cassia F.