Welcome to VerifID’s Voluntary Credit Monitoring + Restoration Services page exclusively for Texas Farm Bureau Members. Descriptions and options are below.

Restoration Only

If you or any member of your family falls victim to identity theft you will have access to a toll-free number to file a claim. A personal recovery advocate will be assigned to you to do all the restoration work needed to get you or your family member back to pre-theft status. This customized approach will guarantee that personalized steps are taken to restore your good name. Full restoration service of any type of identity theft provided with this product selection, no monitoring service included.

Tri-Bureau Credit Monitoring + Restoration

Texas Farm Bureau members will have all three major credit bureaus monitored on a 24-hour basis. This proactive detection tool will alert you within 24 hours to any changes that occur on your credit file. If changes to your credit file are fraudulent you can call a toll-free number to speak to a credit monitoring and restoration specialist. This specialist will do all of the work necessary to clean up your credit file and restore you to pre-theft status. To give you peace of mind a monthly all-clear email will be sent if no changes have been found on any of your credit files. The Individual Plan covers Tri-bureau credit monitoring for one adult, while the Family Plan provides coverage for two adults at a discounted rate.

Restoration Only $6.50/year

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Individual Plan $70.00/year

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Family Plan $110.00/year

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